United Chiro Can Alleviate Back Pain Ft Campbell TN

A misstep, a fall or a sports injury that seems at the time to be inconsequential can unfortunately become the source of ongoing back pain that can negatively affect your health and well being for months if not years. When you can no longer ignore the impact of the pain on your daily activities, it’s time to look into possible treatment. If you have Back Pain Ft Campbell TN, United Chiropractic in Clarksville can alleviate the pain and help teach you techniques that can prevent further injury to your back.

Whether your back pain is brought on by a sports injury, an automobile accident or ongoing degeneration of your spine due to arthritis, United Chiropractic’s doctors and support staff will assess your condition to determine the best type of treatment necessary to help you become pain-free. In addition to spinal manipulation, the staff will use spinal decompression when needed. Massage therapy offered by a licensed massage therapist can also help relieve stress and pain due to Back Pain Surgery Ft Campbell TN

A chiropractic doctor will use several techniques to help in identifying the reasons you’re having back pain. Although you may know exactly what you were doing when you hurt your back if it’s the result of a sports injury or a fall, you’re unaware of the damage to specific vertebrae or spinal column which has resulted in the pain. You may have chronic back pain brought on by arthritis of the spine. A chiropractic provider will assess your condition by conducting a thorough physical exam and ordering diagnostic tests if needed. These initial exams and tests will help him determine the best treatment course for your specific back injury.

The chiropractic doctor has several different methods of treatment at his disposal that can alleviate your back pain, whether it’s caused by an injury or arthritis or is in your lower back or middle spine. You may be most familiar with spinal manipulation. A chiropractic provider manipulates your spine using sudden but controlled movements to improve the range of motion in your back. This type of treatment has been proven to alleviate pain effectively, especially the kind of pain associated with sports injuries.

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