Treatment Options with the Chiropractor in Baldwin

Your spinal cord is, quite literally, the archway holding a person up from the bottom of their back to their neck. And any slipped disc, blunt hit, or consistent or prolonged strain could cause everlasting damage. A Chiropractor in Baldwin harnesses a special set of skills to treat, maintain, and relieve various types of pain against the spine. Though South Shore Spinal Care is most known for spinal treatment, they also cover other various areas of chiropractic care.

Spinal damage could be something that one is born with. It ma also be something that comes forward after even the most mild of car accidents. People underestimate the blunt force of an accident, and even a small rear end tap could cause a driver to take a few trips to the chiropractic office. Fortunately, the vast majority of insurance companies will cover spine and chiropractic care after a car accident. Wisely, they understand the repercussions of ignoring such an issue and the complexity and need for proper spine placement.

The following types of issues and pain could become daunting if untreated.

Neck Pain

A mild malignment could be enough to cause major neck strain and pain. This may be the case even if the damage is towards the bottom of the spine, which just shows a bit of the puzzling complexity of the spine and its structure. The problem is deciphering the root cause of neck pain. It may just be a simple ache that will go away, or it may be something more sinister. The symptoms and feelings are the same, and even more internal long-lasting damage may come and go.


Migraines and headaches are not always directly caused by something going in ‘in the head’ directly. More often than not, the root cause is from something else. Migraines can sometimes arise from a misaligned spine. A car accident, as discussed previously, does not have to be terribly rough to cause these types of concerns. Whiplash from a simple fender-bender could cause migraines that reoccur.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for a chiropractor in Baldwin to determine if the migraines or neck pain are from something in the brain or from a spine issue. Steady visits and clarity in expressing issues will assist in finding out what exactly is going on.

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