By Treating Chronic Pain with Rf Ablasion Moore Patients Get Relief

Anyone who has dealt with chronic pain keenly understands what a devastating impact this has on quality of life. To be blunt, it turns living into an endurance contest; walking, sitting and sleeping become difficult at best. Tempers become frayed and relationships with others are strained. Pain medications frequently cause drowsiness to such an extent that patients don’t want to take them. Many people feel useless and a burden on others.

Rf Ablasion (Radio-frequency Ablasion) reduces pain signals from a specific area in the body by using an electrical current directed to and heating up nerve tissue in that area. More than 70% of patients experience pain relief for periods ranging from days to years. RF Ablasion is particularly helpful to arthritics suffering from joint degeneration and for those with back and neck pain. Rf Ablasion is generally regarded as a safe treatment with few side effects. Most patients experience some bruising and swelling for a few days at the injection point.

There are many effective pain management treatments now available; one or more may be employed depending on the unique needs of each patient. As well as Rf Ablasion in Moore residents may find that injections of either epidural steroids or platelet rich plasma, stem cell therapies or facet joint blocks, among other treatments, will benefit their particular cases. Treating chronic pain can be challenging but is well worth the effort. Even partial pain relief can be a tremendous life-style improvement.

Darryl D. Robinson, M.D., practicing at the OSSO Spine & Pain Management Center, is one of the leading physicians in the field of pain management. He is Board Certified, focusing on Pain Medicine. His recognition that the conventional pharmaceutical treatment of pain gives only limited pain relief led him to explore and expand alternative methods of managing pain. Dr. Robinson found that the addition of proper nutrition and hormone optimization maximized the body’s natural ability to heal and improved the outcomes for patients. Dr. Robinson graduated with honors in 1995 from the Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia. Subsequently, Dr. Robinson completed an internship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center as a Captain in the US Army. He then worked as a General Medical Officer until 1998 when he left active duty, joining the reserves until 2004. More information on treatments available for pain management may be found at By benefiting from Rf Ablasion Moore pain sufferers find relief.

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