Trade Shows: A Community Effort

If you are considering entering a trade show for the first time, but are feeling a bit overwhelmed by it, we can sympathize. Entering your first trade show is much like entering your first beauty pageant. It is a hectic, flurried environment that involves significant attention to detail and forethought. One piece of advice for those feeling a tad frazzled by all of the details involved in entering their first trade show: surround yourself with a good team. Indeed, entering a trade show with effective custom displays will require the effort and know-how of more than just one person. Here are some people to get on board:

Booth Staff

Hiring reliable and professional booth staff is essential in order for you to be successful at any trade show in which you participate. Indeed, these will be the people who help you set up and dismantle your custom display at both the beginning and end of the day. Make sure that they know what is required of them during their time at the show, and that this is something they are happy to fulfill their required duties. In addition, having booth staff who are members of your business is always a great idea. This usually means that they will be invested in the well-being of your business, and by extension, in your success at the trade show.

Graphic Designers

You want your custom display to catch the consumer’s eye within second. But oftentimes the most successful displays have additional marketing initiatives surrounding them: including banners. If creating a banner that is committed to branding your business effectively is something you cannot handle, hiring a graphic designer is a great alternative. Doing so will allow draw people into your exhibit, where your quality products can begin to sell themselves!

Custom Display Professionals

If you are in the process of having your custom display built, make sure that you have the right people working with you. One way of hiring a reliable and reputable team is by frequenting a trade show to inquire about the most valued names in the business. You will want to hire an exhibit firm that has a proven track-record of building quality exhibits. It is also important that they be able to satisfy the project that you want, within your prescribed budget. Lastly, make sure that you sign on with a company who values and makes use of written contracts. Having a custom exhibit built can be a hefty investment of both your time and money. For this reason, you will want to protect yourself in all ways possible.

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