Tips for your Winter Move

Moving Companies in Ottawa know there are a few more challenges when moving in the winter. Here are some tips to help make your winter move a little less messy:

Rugs: Movers in Ottawa Ontario will use rugs or runners throughout the house or apartment during a winter move. This allows them to trudge in and out of the house without the worry of making too much of a mess. If you are handling your own move look for something you can lay down to create a path in the house that people can follow. Make sure that you don’t use anything too slippery as this can lead to personal injury and damage to your belongings.

Careful with Boxes: If the weather is wet or snowy when you get to your new home be careful when lifting cardboard boxes. There is a good chance the box might have been in contact with wet either in the truck from wet boots or by someone resting the box on the sidewalk. This means the bottom of the box could give when you lift it. Just check to make sure nothing looks too soggy before lifting. If does look soggy take the advice of moving companies in Ottawa and slide it too be safe.

Bundle Up: Ottawa winters are plenty cold and you want to be sure you are properly dressed. The best way to go is a nice warm hat, a heavy sweat shirt and gloves. This way you won’t over heat from the exertion of lifting, but not get a chill from the potential below zero temperatures.

Plan B: If you have the chance to have two potential moving dates do so. If there is a major winter snowstorm there is little chance of you completing your move in one day. Speak to your landlord and/or the vendors from your home sale and see what you can work out just in case.

Warm Drinks: Keep people warm with plenty of Tim’s ready to hand out to tired movers. You can also prepare thermoses or speak to your favourite coffee shop to get one of their special urns so people can help themselves when they need to take the edge off their cold hands.

Warm Food: Plan to have something warm to fill tired movers’ tummies at the end of the day. See if you can put together a big pot of chilli with plenty of crusty bread or toast so people can relax after their hard work.

Ottawa winter moves can be easier with a professional moving company like Gerry’s Moving.

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