Tips on Storing Your Boat for winter

With the summer months winding down, many boat owners are starting to think more and more about how they will store their boat for the winter. There are a variety of different procedures that need to be done when trying to store your boat and neglecting any of them can damage your vessel. The first thing you need to do is find a safe place to store the boat for the winter. You want to choose a place that is easily accessed just in case you need to get in to do repairs or routine maintenance. The following are a few tips to use when trying to store your boat for the winter.

The Last Ride

Before you store your boat for the long winter, you will need to take it out for one last ride, which should not be a chore for you. You need to take note of any mechanical or cosmetic issues that need to be fixed so you can do them during the winter. The more attuned you are to the needs of your boats, the better equipped you will be to get it in peak condition during the off season.

Taking Care of the Fuel System

Another very important thing that you need to do when trying to prepare your boat for winter storage is to think about the fuel system. The best thing you can do for your fuel system is to drain the gas that you have in it before you store it. This will reduce the chance of the gas getting moisture in it and making it hard for your engine to run. You need to also put a fuel stabilizer in the tank in order to regulate any gas that is left behind.

Covering it up

Perhaps one of the most important things that you will have to do when storing your boat is covering it adequately. Before covering it , you will need to elevate your boat with Boat Stands so you can get your covering all the way around the boat. Make sure that you do not place the covering in between the stands and the boat because this will cause movement when the wind blows. The more the boat moves in situations like this, the higher the probability will be that the boat may fall. Instead of putting your boat in danger, you need to pay extra special attention to what you are doing when wrapping your boat.

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