Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning Your Granite countertops in Minneapolis

Granite is an extremely hard igneous crystalline stone that is formed via volcanic action. Granite has gained a reputation as a fantastic building rock. The stone is available in many colors, but is widely known for its good looks, particularly for countertops. Granite countertops in Minneapolis are durable and resistant to heat, however they are not totally void of maintenance. Happily, they are easy to clean and look great for generations. Here are some important things to bear in mind with regard to maintaining and cleaning granite countertops.

Your granite countertops should be resealed regularly. Granite is essentially rock, and as you probably know, rock is porous. Even though granite countertops are coated with a sealant which protects the stone from discoloration and stains, the sealant does eventually wear off. When this occurs, your countertops will be as susceptible to discoloration and stains as other surfaces. Happily, you can prevent this by resealing your countertops at least once each year.

Another important tip to remember when cleaning your granite countertops is to stick with water and soap. Since granite is comparatively resistant to stains, all that is needed to clean it properly is water and soap. If you come across a stain that is particularly stubborn, apply a mixture of baking soda and water and leave it for some time before you wipe it away. When cleaning your countertops, you should avoid using highly acidic cleaners. This is because the acid within these cleaners wears away the sealants and may cause you to reseal the countertops more often.

Several homeowners think that because granite is an extremely tough stone, it is okay to use their countertops as a cutting board. In fact, when you do this, the surface might get nicked, and that can compromise the safety of your countertop by making it susceptible to absorbing anything that it comes into contact with. This ultimately results in staining and discoloration. Your granite countertop will provide you with several years of beautiful service provided that you clean and maintain it regularly. Lastly, always choose a reliable company such as Granite Unlimited Inc. to install your granite countertops in Minneapolis.

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