Tips for Relieving Back Pain

Back pain can descend on you for a variety of reasons. If you have suffered from back pain in Jacksonville area, then you probably already know that there is little that relieves the pain at times. A visit to your doctor for pain management is a great place to start. Read on below for a few tips to relieve pain between visits to your doctor and the pain management clinic.

Don’t Underdo It
At one time, doctors prescribed plenty of rest and staying off your feet for backache pain. Today, it is thought that lying still, doing nothing is one of the worst things you can do. It only makes the problem worse and is known to lead to further complications. Only stay off your feet for a day or two and then get up and start moving around slowly. Exercise, such as yoga, walking, or swimming is said to be great to relieve back pain as well.

Alternate Ice and Heat
Ice packs and heating pads are said to help relieve the pain as well. For a few days, apply cold ice packs to the spot that hurts every 20 minutes or so, then the next few days use a heating pad instead. This should help to relieve the pain of a backache until your next visit with pain management.

Sleep and Back Pain
It is very hard to sleep if every movement sends a pain through your back. It is recommended to turn on one side and put a pillow between your legs to get relief so that you can get valuable rest.

These are just a few tips to help you deal with back pain between doctor and pain management visits. For more information on pain management for your back problems, contact the professionals at Riverside Pain Management today.

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