Tips for Deck Sealing in Stamford, CT

Taking good care of your deck will not only keep it from dry rotting, but it will raise the value of your property as well. Any self-respecting deck owner will not want to see their deck rotting, cracked, or looking unappealing after a few years. The Deck Sealing Stamford, CT professionals can tell you that sealing your deck is one of the most important things you can do to keep it in shape, and gorgeous for many years to come.

Wooden decks can warp, crack, and discolor, when they are exposed to the elements of extreme heat, rain, and even snow. There are steps however, that you can follow to keep your deck in great shape. You can contact the deck sealing professionals in Stamford CT to do the job for you; however, if you want to attempt the job yourself, here are some tips to get you started.

The first thing you will need to do is conduct a water test to see if your deck needs to be sealed. You do this by sprinkling a few drops of water on the deck and waiting to see what happens. If the water beads you are good; if it is absorbed by the deck, you need to seal it.

Now you can either call in the Deck Sealing Stamford, CT professionals or clean the deck yourself, and let it dry for two full days before getting started. Buy some deck sealant at your local hardware store and you are ready to get started. You will need to choose between water and oil based sealers. Both take care of water and mildew, but the oil based sealer seems to last longer than the water based does.

Now you need to prepare the deck to be sealed. Remove all furniture from the deck, pick up any debris, sweep off any and all trash, and cover up any plants. Make any repairs that need to be done before you put on the deck sealant. Seal the deck and let it dry for two full days, or call the Deck Sealing Stamford, CT professionals instead to do it all for you.

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