Tips to Create a Perfect Hindu Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitation that you create needs to be a preview of what guests can expect at your wedding. It marks the start of the celebration and provides information for guests about your plans. Modern Hindu weddings are implementing a number of more contemporary concepts in terms of food, decoration and invitations. There are many people that choose to follow an entire theme for the wedding, which means your Hindu wedding invitation cards need to follow this theme as well. Some tips to help you create the perfect wedding invitation for your Hindu wedding are highlighted here.

Follow the Selected Theme

With the wedding industry constantly changing and bringing more and more themes to choose from, you have a bigger selection than ever for your wedding invitations. You will have the option to choose from a pre-designed wedding invitation, or create one from scratch, that mimics the theme of your wedding. While the custom options can cost more, many couples find this well-worth the expense.

Determine what You Want

There are a number of different styles you can explore when it comes to your wedding invitation. If you want something more unique than the typical rectangular card, consider using scroll cards, baskets, gift boxes, or even a design of your own creation.

Create the Actual Design

There is a large number of different designs to choose from. With all these options, they can quickly make the traditional rectangular shaped invitation appear playful and modern. Some design options and accessories to consider include using unique types of origami, circular die cuts or even theme based cuts. However, you should keep in mind that with every add-on and extra, the cost will likely increase, as well. You should also consider adding deities and symbols that are important to the Hindu culture to your invitation, which will add even more customization to the design.

Select the Words Carefully

A traditional Hindu wedding card will include a mantra or shlokas from the scriptures, as well as details about the event. While it is okay to be creative with the wording that you use, you should ensure that the details of the event are mentioned in clear and simple words. If the venue is one that your guests may not know about, they you should include an easy to read map.

If you want to create the perfect Hindu wedding invitation use the tips highlighted here. Each one will help to put you on the path to creating an invitation that mimics the theme of your wedding.

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