Three Situations That Require a Divorce Attorney in Chicago, IL

Many Chicago residents want to save money by filing for divorce on their own. It’s understandable that such people want to make money. However, some situations require an attorney. These are three of them.

When One Spouse Can’t Be Found

Getting a divorce when the other party is cooperating is complex. A family law lawyer in Cook County, IL, can help you to get that person served so that you don’t have to stress yourself doing it. The attorney can also generate the paperwork and file all the necessary forms for you. It can be a burden to do such if you don’t have a law office on your side.

When Children Are Involved

Anytime children are involved in a case, the issues of custody and visitation are also involved. Even if you’ve reached an agreement, it’s better to allow your attorney to handle communicating with the judge about your arrangement. He or she will ensure that the information transfers to the court order when your divorce processes.

When There Are Assets and Debt

You want to make sure that you use a Family law lawyer in Cook County, IL, if you have marital assets and debts. An attorney can work with you and your spouse’s attorney so that asset distribution is fair, and the debt is split in a way that’s good for both of you.

There’s no need to take the burden of divorce all on yourself. You can contact a reputable law office and have the professionals help you do what you need to do.

Contact Giannola Legal LLC to schedule a consultation about the best way to approach your divorce.

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