Three Reasons to Hire a Business Attorney Harrisburg

When it comes to signing contracts, you should be careful what you sign. From rental agreements to business partnerships it is important to rely on a business attorney Harrisburg area to review the contract first to avoid issues at a later date.


Rental Agreements

The landlord and tenant both can benefit from having a lawyer look over a lease agreement before it is signed. There are certain terms and conditions that should be easy to understand for both parties.

For instance, the amount of rent should be clearly listed in the agreement and the time of the month the rent is due. Additionally, the time of the lease should be clearly stated to avoid any conflict between the landlord and tenant.

Real Estate Transactions

When it comes to buying or selling property there are a lot of legal requirements that must be met. The amount of the purchase and any loans should be clearly stated in the transaction along with the length of time of the loan.

The property that is being purchased or sold should have the details included and the deed should be readily available for either party to view. A business attorney Harrisburg location and review any real estate agreement and make sure your interests are clearly being met through the contract before signing any documentation.

Business Partnership

The amount of your financial interests and the amount of time you are required to invest in the business should be clearly stated.

Additionally, the amount of profit you will make from the business should be clearly stated in the agreement, as well.

Finally, before entering into any agreement with another person for business reasons rely on the assistance of Serratelli Schiffman & Brown P.C Harrisburg. to review the contract first. By retaining the services of an attorney, you will be able to avoid disputes that may occur due to the dissatisfaction or unrealistic expectations that either of the party listed in the agreement may have.