Things One Should Know about Dental Implant Kamuela

There are several solutions when it comes to replacing one or more missing teeth. One of them is through the use of dental implants. Comfortable and natural in appearance, implants are used to replace missing roots, while maintaining artificial replacement teeth. If you are interested in receiving a Dental Implant Kamuela, continue reading.

What is a dental implant?
Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of metal (usually titanium), which is inserted into the jaw, thereby replacing the root of the natural tooth. The replacement of the artificial tooth is then secured to the implant, which an abutment serves to keep the tooth in place. If you decide to get implants, it is possible that your dentist will directs you to a specialist, such as a periodontist or oral and maxillofacial surgeon. This is because of the training these specialist have in placing implants. Prosthodontists are specialists who implement crowns, bridges, and dentures on implants.

Who can receive a dental implant?
If you are healthy, your gums are healthy. This usually means that the base of your jaw bone is sufficient to support an implant. A bone graft can also be placed to increase bone mass if your jaw lacks the mass needed. Your dentist will tell you if the bone graft can be performed.

What is the procedure for implant placement?
1. Your dentist will first perform a rigorous examination of your mouth, taking x-rays of your head, jaw, and teeth to determine if dental implant is indicated.

2. During the first stage of surgery, your dentist inserts a dental implant in your jaw, under the gum tissue. They will then suture the gum tissue. During tissue healing, the implant will integrate with the bone and gum. The healing process can take several months.

3. During the second stage of the surgery, after the gums have healed, your dentist sets a pillar to the implant. The abutment is a pin which connects the tooth replacement to the implant. In some cases, the first two stages of implant surgery can be combined in a single visit.

4. A replacement tooth is made, then it is attached to the pillar. The perfect fitting may require several sessions.

Remember, the whole process may take several visits. Follow-up visits will be scheduled during the year following implant placement. This is so your dentist can ensure the implants are functioning properly. For more information, contact the office of Brian S. Kubo DDS today.


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