Things You Need to Know about Thin Film Coating Services

Many different appliances, components and tools can benefit from thin film coatings. Thin film coating services deliver vital benefits for a wide range of applications, needs, industries and use cases, as well.


One of the most common reasons to use thin film coating services is to protect an item from damage. That damage can stem from any number of causes, but some of the most common include wear and fretting, as well as damage from friction. For instance, roller bearings are subject to a number of different damaging forces during operation. Heat is generated by the bearing’s movement, as well as its contact with the race. This exposure generally leads to degradation and breakdown over time. Thin film coatings can be applied to the bearing to ensure greater resistance to wear and fretting, as well as to heat.


Lubricity is a measure of how well a lubricant is able to reduce wear and tear, friction and other damaging processes. This is true for any sort of lubricated part or component, from bearings to internal engine parts and more. The challenge is that most lubricants come into direct contact with the component, which usually does not have a surface designed to maximize lubricant performance. Thin film coatings can be applied to these components to improve lubricity to a significant degree. This results in a dramatic reduction in heat, as well as general wear and tear, improving lifespan, but also performance throughout that lifespan.


There are multiple types of thin film coating services available depending on the type of part or component in need of protection from degradation. For instance, TiN, All203, ZrN and ZrO2 and TiON are just a few of the options that can prevent wear and/or corrosion. A2O3 and SiO2 can be deposited on a surface at low temperatures using a unique SPI-Ceramic process to protect against friction and improve lubricity for parts, tools and components.

At N2 Biomedical, we have years of experience providing specialized thin film coating services for clients and customers in a broad range of different industries. From medical devices to aerospace and automotive applications, we provide specialized solutions to reduce heat and friction, improve lifespan and performance, and enhance quality. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our 99.7%+ process yield and unique solutions.

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