Things To Consider Before Purchasing Storm Doors in Colorado Springs, CO

Storm Doors in Colorado Springs, CO provide an excellent method to allow fresh air in while keeping unwanted external elements like insects out of your home. Storm doors (also called screen doors) are available in a wide variety of options. When buying a storm door, there are 4 major considerations to take into account: screen material, frame material, any pets and kids in your home and the weather in your locality. A frame is the substance that a screen door’s structure is made of, for example vinyl, wood or metal. A door frame made of wood provides a traditional appearance, and you can paint it to match your home. However, it is often vulnerable to changes in temperature or humidity and can crack or warp.

An aluminum or steel storm door offers a lightweight frame, which comes in several designs and is much more durable, but they are costlier. The most cost efficient and lightweight frame type is vinyl; however, it does not possess the aesthetic appeal or longevity of other materials. In addition to the frame, the screen itself is a very important part of a storm door. Storm doors in Colorado Springs, CO typically utilize screens made of aluminum, fiberglass, copper or vinyl. Metal screens like copper and aluminum are heavy duty as well as durable in all conditions, but they typically are the costliest. Vinyl and fiberglass offer a more low-cost alternative; however, they are susceptible to more frequent tears and rips.

One other important thing you should consider when buying storm doors is weather. Extreme weather fluctuations can cause a lot of damage to wooden frames by distorting the material as cold and heat take their toll every year. In addition, climates which have smaller insects or bugs will require a tighter screen net to keep the bugs out. Also, if you frequently experience stormy weather like hail and high winds in your locality, then you should consider selecting a sturdier door.

If you have pets and children in your home, be sure to consider the safety as well as the looks of your storm door. You should think Clearview Distributors when looking for a window and door specialist. They are your source for screen doors in Colorado Springs, CO.

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