The Most Common Pre-needs, Fairfield CA Requests

There has been an increase in the number of people who have pre-needs requests. These requests elaborate the kind of burial that the departed would wish to have. The wishes of the departed should always be adhered to. The bereaved family members and friends will see to it that the loved one is offered a descent and personalized send off. This can be done through a professional service that will offer high quality services. The service should be willing to offer personalized burial rites in accordance to the cultures and beliefs of the departed. The following are the various pre-needs, Fairfield CA requests.

Mode of burial

The mode of burial for the departed is included in their request. They will articulate the various rituals and traditions that they would want on their burial. It is essential to note that there are different modes of burials that may be provided by the funeral services. These different types adhere to the customs and religious affiliation of the departed. Common pre-needs requests include cremations and traditional burials. The wishes of the departed are of paramount importance when rendering the services.

Type of casket

Pre-needs, Fairfield CA request may also involve the type of casket that the departed wants to be buried in. They can choose a wide variety of caskets that are appropriate to them. There has been a growing trend of people wishing to be interred in environmentally friendly caskets. These may be made from renewable material that helps in the conservation of the environment. The choice of the casket can include the color, shape and material. They can also involve the type of hearse that will carry the casket to the final resting ground.

Cost of the service

It is also possible to have pre-needs requests on the costs of the funeral services. This is meant to ensure that there are no misunderstandings amongst the family members after the death of their loved one. The requests may involve the amount of money that will be spent on the burial, the refreshments, flower arrangements as well as the transport services. Some people may also request for contributions made be channeled to their favorite charity institution.

Flower arrangements and hymns

The pre-needs, Fairfield CA requests may also involve the flower arrangements during the day of the burial. The choice of the flowers as well as the number can be pre requested. It is also possible to make a request on the types of hymns that will be sung during the memorial service. Some people may even request for the sermon that they would like to be delivered to the attendants of the funeral ceremony. It is also possible to have pre-needs request on the number of speakers on the funeral service.


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