The Key Benefits of Using Generators Cape Girardeau

You can easily be left in the dark as a result of inclement weather, power interruptions and unexpected natural disasters. It is imperative you take the initiative to protect your business, data, home, telecommunication systems and security using generators Cape Girardeau. You can find complete integrated generator systems including commercial, industrial and residential sets. Besides, the systems also include other components such as fuel tanks, controls, transfer switches, remote monitoring software and enclosures.

At the Bates Electric, you will find telecommunications, industrial standby, light, commercial and modular industrial standby. With the Generic’s Guardian brand, you will be able to access durable and versatile products for power generation to be used for commercial, residential, small business and recreational vehicle applications. The generator power systems available are the automatic standby, portable and recreational vehicle sets.

Automatic standby generators are manufactured to be used either at home or business. The installation of these devices can be done during new constructions or can be retrofitted into the already existing structures. The residential standby generators Cape Girardeau are installed permanently outside in an enclosure that is weather protected.

Such an enclosure is not different from an air-conditioned unit. Such generators are able to supply electrical power to several appliances and lights and are powered by LPG or the natural gas. The range of the models is between 7000 and 40,000 watts. They have a matching and very automatic transfer switch that is able to respond in seconds whenever the normal power goes off, even when there is nobody at home!

Moreover, the Bates Electric provides a Commercial Product Line that has really transformed the generator industry. The generator sets range from 20 to 150 kW and offer value without compromising quality. They effectively address the needs of a large residential area, commercial light application or business. The available models are both single and three phases.

In addition, Bates Electric provides Guardian Ultra Source. This is a new line comprising of residential, commercial and industrial generators that are portable. The company has expanded its capacity to provide all kinds of devices. It is possible to use portable generators Cape Girardeau for multiple purposes such as recreational, rental, commercial or industrial and emergency standby.

With all these generator facilities available, you cannot afford to go without power again. Therefore, next time you encounter an unanticipated power outage, you should turn up your heat to keep warm, turn on your AC and keep cool, avoid cases of spoiled food within your freezer or generator and not bother whether or not your candles or flashlights are at hand!

The other things that these generators will assist you in cases of power failure are keeping your communication systems and computer up and running, keeping your security lighting and systems on, keeping your sump pump operational and ensuring that life-support and other medical equipment continues to protect lives.


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