The Importance of Family Dentists in Neenah, WI

Every family needs to find and regularly visit a family dental practice. These practices offer regular, preventative care that is invaluable to the health of your mouth. With regular care, small issues can be discovered before they turn into serious problems. It can also help children to learn good dental habits, which can help prevent even those small issues.

It is necessary for children to begin seeing a dentist when they are very young. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends they have their first appointment within six months of the appearance of their first tooth or at the age of one, whichever occurs first.

These early appointments are important for several reasons. They teach children about dental care and allow for early intervention if there is a problem. They also are important in making dental visits seem common and routine. Children who have their first appointment when they are older are often more afraid and stressed before and during their appointment. This can lead to appointments going poorly and developing a lifelong fear (and possibly avoidance) of dentists.

Family Dentists in Neenah, WI are caring and capable professionals. One of them is Dr. Douglas Nelson, DDS. His clinic is a full service dental clinic, which offers general preventative care, cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry and treatments for sleep apnea and snoring.

Another service offered at this clinic is Neuromuscular Dentistry. This innovative practice is dedicated to relieving the pain from TMJ as well as headaches and neck pain caused by a misaligned jaw. This non-surgical process can make you pain-free without relying on prescription medication or dangerous manual manipulation.

If after your search for Family Dentists in Neenah, WI you decide to choose Dr. Nelson, you will instantly see how 32 years in the practice has made him an expert in the profession. Whether you are looking for tooth whitening, a regular check-up or something more advanced, his office will make certain everything is done with the latest technologies. If you are the nervous type, it is important to note they understand. This is why they offer sedation dentistry. A simple pill will make your appointment seem to be over in a very peaceful few minutes.
Do yourself and your family a favor and begin the tradition of annual dental appointments today.

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