Techniques for Installing Landscaping Gravel in University Place, WA

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Gravel is an excellent option for your landscaping project if you want to add color, texture, and dimension. It can be used by itself or combined with other materials such as wood chips, rocks, or pavers. Many types of gravel are available, including colored, natural, and decorative varieties. These tips will help install your landscape gravel in University Place, WA.

What Type of Gravel

Choosing the correct type of gravel for your project is essential. Gravel is perfect for landscaping because it’s easy to work with and comes in many sizes. There are two types of gravel: crushed and natural. Crushed stone is usually made of rock or limestone crushed into small pieces. Unlike natural materials with bumps or imperfections, it typically has a smooth surface. Natural stone comes from quarries mined directly from the ground without being processed.

Prepare the Area

Preparing the area before you install your new landscaping gravel in University Place, WA, is vital to ensure that your finished project looks good and lasts for years. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Remove all existing vegetation.
  • Remove all existing gravel.
  • Prepare the soil by removing any roots or compacted areas.
  • Level out any hills or dips in your yard so everything is level.

Weed Barriers

Once you’ve laid the first layer of washed gravel products, you should place an organic weed barrier over it.

A weed barrier stops weeds from growing from beneath your landscaping. They are better for controlling weeds than mulching because they don’t add extra material to your lawn, which can get in the way of water drainage or damage to lawn equipment.

Finish Your Project

Now that you have the gravel in place, it’s time to smooth it out. Use a rake with a long handle and distribute the gravel evenly across your landscape bed. Once you have smoothed out all the wrinkles, use a broom to clean up excess gravel around your garden bed.

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