Take the Stress Out of Life and Live Near the Beach

One of the best ways to take the stress out of life is to live near the beach. If owning a home seems like it is an unaffordable dream, think again. You can have a home near the beach when you purchase condominiums for sale on Ocean Avenue. You get the best of both the urban world and the beach. If you enjoy exquisite interiors, then condos along Ocean Avenue give you just what you desire. Enjoy condos with open spaces that have a sophisticated flare with contemporary lines that are clean. The views are absolutely stunning and include landscapes such as the Santa Monica Mountains, Tongva Park, and the Pacific Ocean.

Enjoy the Calm and Majestic Beach Life

Living near the beach can be very calming, especially when you wake up to the sound of ocean waves rolling into shore first thing in the morning. The view is exquisite from the sway of beach grass to the sprinkling of wild flowers. You can enjoy a walk on the beach along lush paths that give you the perfect view of the ocean. There are even local farmers markets within walking distance that give you culinary options for preparing fresh meals for you and your family. You get the best of coastal living while still being close to work.

Work and Play in Santa Monica

Now you can surround yourself with elegance in your very own coastal condo. Living in the Ocean Avenue area affords you the convenience of being close enough to work while living in the epicenter for play. Residences in the Ocean Avenue area offer a beautiful coastal feel that is elegant and luxurious. The area has been under development for the past twenty years and has become a coveted area for residences. When you live in this region you are close to fine restaurants and retreats. The possibilities are endless when you consider that you have plenty of places to take visitors when they come to see you. Take your guests to the Skybridge Lounge or Tongva Park, both offer entertainment and sightseeing possibilities.

Condos with Exclusive Amenities

When you purchase a condo, you not only get the residence, you also get additional services that make great amenities. This can include personal assistant services that are available to you for different functions. For those that are interested in remaining in good health, there are gyms available that offer cardiovascular benefits. Other amenities include an attended lobby with a concierge available day and night, a pet spa, private lockers for storage, and subterranean parking.

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