Signs That the Time has Come for Some Swimming Pool Renovations in Bradenton FL

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Swimming Pools and Spas

Nothing beats having a backyard swimming pool in Florida. The pool can be used for morning exercises, as a way to work off stress after a rough day at work, and provides the ideal place to relax on weekends. Even with regular maintenance, the day will come when some sort of Swimming Pool Renovations in Bradenton FL will be necessary. Here are some signs that the day has arrived.

The Pool is Almost a Decade Old – While the pool is still functional, the look is beginning to fade. The tile color is not what it once was, and in general the pool is beginning to look a little frayed around the edges. The good news is that all it needs is some cosmetic work, something that an expert in Swimming Pool Renovations in Bradenton FL can manage with ease.

Codes Have Changed – Depending on how long the pool has been in service, there is a good chance that the safety and building codes that relate to the structure have undergone some amount of change. That means if the homeowner decides to sell the place, there will be the need for some renovations at that point. Rather than waiting, why not call a pool contractor and see if the pool is still up to code? If not, chances are that it will only take a little effort and expense to bring it up to date.

Making the Pool More Energy Efficient – Older pools do not have the benefit of the energy saving and more environmentally friendly filtration systems that are included with newer pools. Rather than ripping everything out and starting fresh, it makes sense to have a contractor inspect the current setup, identify what can be done to make the pool easier to maintain, and then have the changes made. While all these are great reasons for a pool renovation, the bottom line is that all a homeowner needs is the desire to update something about that pool.

Contact the team at Sparkling Kleen Pools and Spas and have them take a look at the pool and see what they would recommend. In no time at all, that older pool will look great and provide many more years of service.

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