Resolving Drainage Problems in Mississippi Before Damage is Caused

Flooding is an issue that can occur in the South from the quality of soil it contains. Clay dirt has such fine sediment qualities that it does not allow water to drain in a timely manner. It can take days or weeks for a flooded area to return to its normal consistency. Some people may feel that this is not a big issue. The way the water drains is natural and should not be disturbed. However, this is actually a destructive thought pattern to the home or building on the property. Drainage is bad because of the damage it can cause to foundations if it is not fixed. The foundation is a key element to any structure. Its integrity needs to be preserved if the building is going to last.

The majority of drainage problems in Mississippi comes from the grading of the land. When the land is flatter, it leaves no area for runoff and instead the water stagnates on the surface. Even if the ground was properly graded at one point, changes occur from roots and planting arrangement over the years. The problem can be on the surface or below the surface of the land, and this needs to be determined before any construction can take place. The expert at Ewing and Ray have been doing this for years and are confident in their abilities to solve and fix any drainage issue whether its commercial or residential.

Part of owning property is taking on the responsibility of keeping it in working order. Ewing and Ray can help protect your investment from costly damage that may not be repairable if the drainage problems in Mississippi are not curbed. They offer free estimates on the work before it is done. The proper solution will be found and explained. Yards can be regraded to create a down slope away from the foundation. In some cases, a drain can be installed to divert the flow of water. Hurricanes and heavy rain already cause enough damage. It’s nice to know that taking preventative steps for flooding can protect one of the most important investments in a lifetime. Visit website to learn about their services and the company at large.

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