Proper Protocol For Mold Damage Mitigation

Mold Damage leaves behind devastating effects on residential properties. It also presents the possibility that the homeowner may develop respiratory-related illnesses. This is why mold mitigation is necessary after the mold is discovered. The right restoration team can perform these services flawlessly.

The Removal of Damaged Materials

Under EPA regulations, all technicians who remove mold-damaged materials must wear protective gear at all times. The homeowner and their family may not remain in the property during mitigation. All materials removed from the property must be packaged to prevent the spread of spores. The proper protocol requires the technicians to wrap these materials in thick plastic and close them package completely before exiting the property.

Water Removal and Drying

Industrial vacuums and dryers are used to suck up excess water left behind after a flood. In properties containing mold, standing water is more likely. It is also probable for the water to reach the interior of walls and sub-flooring. The dryers are used to pull all moisture from these areas.

Restoration of Damaged Walls and Floors

All areas of the walls and floors that have been infested with mold or covered in spores are removed and replaced. This may include large sections of sheetrock and carpeting. The restoration team replaces these items according to the guidelines of the homeowner’s insurance policy.

In most cases, the policy covers these services completely. However, any excess costs are the responsibility of the homeowner. The mitigation team can file a claim for the homeowner. This could help them receive mitigation and restoration services quicker.

Retesting of the Property for Mold

The restoration team must return to the property to complete an additional inspection. This inspection is to determine if mold has developed further into the property after mitigation. The service is a precautionary measure to keep the homeowners safe.

Mold Damage is the primary cause for thousands of dollars in property damage each year. In the wake of these infestations, families could face serious health risks and will be required to evacuate the property. Property owners who need mitigation services for mold infestation should contact Black Label Restoration promptly.

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