Pro Sports and Men’s Fashion – a Perfect Pair

These days, it’s pretty clear that the biggest influence on guys’ fashion is the indomitable sports world. Metro-sexuals have their niche with their turtlenecks, scarves and pea coats, but the bigger presence in men’s street fashion is professional sports teams. While “sportswear” is a term used for casual as well as athletic purposed apparel for both men’s and women’s clothing, the pro sports team effect is most prominent in men’s wear. Now is a good time to get a custom basketball, baseball, football or soccer jersey to wear to the ballgame on Saturday morning out to lunch on Sunday afternoon.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

You may or may not remember these two big trends of 2013, the baseball top and the hockey sweater. Shirts resembling the uniform tops of professional baseball players, complete with piping, were big, most made out of new, high-tech fabrics; and the comeback of the hockey “sweater,” whether made of wool, rayon or polyester, the clearly hockey-influenced jerseys were popular on and off the ice.

The “Other” Football

Who didn’t get caught up in the wildly exciting 2014 World Cup match in 2014. The World Cup match set off a planet-wide sensation of soccer-inspired fashions for men. Several national sports retailers like Nike and Adidas introduced World Cup inspired collections in their sportswear lines.

The Gridiron

Now, with the much-anticipated 2014 football season upon us here in America, we will continue to see sports jersey’s influencing men’s style. Whether it is hats, shirts, socks, jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters or shoes, they will be available with every team’s logo from the NFL from Dallas Cowboys to the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Denver Broncos to the Greenbay Packers and more! Whether you’re a fan or an athlete, now is a great time to get an off the rack or a custom basketball jersey, baseball, football or soccer jersey.

Team Players

Of course fan fashion is only a secondary market. You can’t ignore the “Big Boys” of sportswear, the uniform vendors to the pros. The American born company, Nike has created the NFL uniforms for 2014. Pennsylvania based Majestic Athletic designed the Major League Baseball uniforms for the season just concluded. The German company, Adidas, is the current vendor for NBA uniforms. This year’s uniform designs are exciting and trendy, with sharp lines and unprecedented features for on the field—on the court—pro sports team uniforms.

There are many, many new and different trends in pro sport uniforms in 2014. The New York Yankees are wearing a Derek Jeter patch in honor of his last season. The NBA will be sporting gold patches on the backs of their jerseys to represent championship seasons. No doubt these trends will bleed into street wear before too long.

Whether you’re a fan or an athlete, now is a great time to get an off the rack or a custom basketball jersey, baseball, football or soccer jersey.

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