Practical Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

If keeping your balance has become a little harder than it once was because you’ve gotten older, you’re certainly not alone. However, it’s a good idea to learn some fall prevention tips for seniors so you can reduce your risk of getting hurt. Read below and get some pointers you can start using today.

Discuss Risk Factors With Your Doctor

Certain eye and ear problems can make you more likely to lose your balance. The same is true if you are taking any medications that list dizziness as one of the possible side effects. Make an appointment with your physician to talk about whether there are certain things you can do to make falling less likely to happen.

One of the most useful fall prevention tips for senior citizens is to be proactive about your personal health concerns and work in partnership with your doctor so that even if risks cannot be eliminated, they can at least be reduced.

Work With a Physical Therapist

There may be certain characteristics of your gait that could make you more likely to stumble, or perhaps you have weak core muscles so if you do lose your balance, it’s be harder to recover instead of ending up on the ground. Fortunately, those challenges are ones that can be overcome with the guidance of a physical therapist. He or she will likely have specific fall prevention tips for seniors to pass onto you after evaluating your scenario. Help from a physical therapist is also beneficial if you have already fallen and want to help prevent it from happening again.

Wear Stable Shoes to Prevent a Fall

It may be worthwhile to change the type of footwear you normally use, especially if the kind you have features slick soles or other characteristics that are more stylish than practical. Also, no matter what kinds of shoes you specifically use, make sure they are properly laced to provide support as you walk. Having a firm base of support can help you feel more confident even when walking across unfamiliar surfaces.

As you can see, most fall prevention tips for seniors are founded in sensible advice. Be sure to follow these suggestions to give yourself an ideal chance of avoiding injures while living a lifestyle that’s as safe and independent as possible.

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