The Power of Hand Protection

When training for an upcoming fight, there are a few elements which are considered critical to the success of a boxer. Of course, one of the most important advantages is to possess a knowledgeable and seasoned trainer. A keen fighting sprit and determination are also essential. However, the third component to this triad is trusted and reliable equipment. In particular, boxing bag gloves are one of the most important “tools of the trade” that will make the difference between success and failure. Why is this the case? Let us look at a few of the benefits that these gloves provide to find the answer.

Solid Reinforcement

When a boxer punches, a great deal of the stress of the blow is placed (ideally) on his or her front two knuckles. This force is then displaced laterally to the wrist joint, the forearm, the elbow and ultimately to the shoulder. A good pair of boxing bag gloves will help disperse the massive amount of blunt force that the hand and wrist would otherwise experience. This, of course, serves to help lessen the chance of chronic injuries such as tendonitis and more acute trauma such as a sprained or even a broken wrist or knuckle. While the movies may glorify the so-called “bare-handed” techniques of many boxers, the truth of the matter is that medical science has proven that hand protection is essential for boxers of all ages.

Protection for the Future

The physical protection of the hand and wrist is also important for the future. In the past, a great many boxers have suffered from early-inset arthritis due to repeated and sustained impact with punching and speed bags. While these bags have become safer, gloves can still protect the cartilage between the joints. This equates to a lessened chance for developing arthritic conditions into ones later life. While the average boxer may not be concerned with this possibility now, it is essential that this variable be addressed. Also, boxers can experience localized nerve damage as a result of repeated contact with a semi-hard surface such as a heavy bag. This can restrict blood flow to some parts of the hands and fingers later in life. In fact, there are instances when a boxer may lose feeling in the majority of the knuckles of his punching hand altogether.

The likelihood of these instances occurring can be drastically reduced with a reliable and modern pair of boxing bag gloves.

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