Potty Training for Your French Bulldog Puppies

Have recently added one or more French bulldog puppies in California to the family? You already know that they are adorable little bundles of furry joy that can make for wonderful family pets, even in relatively small apartments and condos. However, you also want to make sure that the puppy gets the training that he or she needs to become the very best pet possible.

It is important to remember that different breeds of dogs learn at different rates. Even the individual personality and intelligence of the puppy will play a role in how fast he or she learns. Let’s look at some training tips that can help with these types of puppies.

Potty Training

With small dogs, it can sometimes be difficult to potty train them properly. However, it is certainly not impossible. You simply need to have some patience and the right techniques.

It is important to watch the puppy for signs that they might need to go to the bathroom. They might start to look for areas that they can hide, for example. When you see this activity, make sure you put them on the leash and take them outside. Reward them with positive reinforcement when they go outside.

Keep in mind that these are puppies and mistakes will happen. Do not punish the dog for going to the bathroom in the house. They do not know any better, but with persistence and positivity, they will learn.

Help get the puppy into a routine. Feed them at regular times ,and this will let you anticipate when they need to go. Take them outside on a leash – not carrying them. Always take them out the same door when they are little and learning to go to the bathroom outside. This way, when they have to go, they will start to stare at the door, or they will paw at the door when they need to go.

When you are potty training a puppy, and you can’t be with the puppy all of the time, you will want to keep them crated. Dogs to not like to make a mess where they lie down, so they will typically hold it until you take them out. Never leave them in the crate for long periods, especially when they are little. Once you get home, take them outside immediately.

Though it might take some time with your new French bulldog puppies in California, you will get them properly potty trained.

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