It Is Possible To Minimize To Minimize Legal Fees

When you are involved in divorce proceedings, your divorce lawyer in Glen Ellyn will charge you a fee for his or her legal services. It is possible to keep the legal fees controlled if you and your soon to be ex spouse can cooperate with one another rather than drag every little issue out. Divorce lawyer’s fees are based on the number of hours they spend on the case; it stands to reason then that the higher the workload, the higher the fee will be. Sometimes some very significant savings can be had if the couple involved in the divorce can accomplish some of the preliminary work without the involvement of the lawyer. Couples who have very little in the way of marital assets and there are no children involved will usually file for an uncontested divorce, this move eliminates much of the work a lawyer would otherwise have to do and court appearances.

Getting a divorce is a serious matter and it must be taken as such. Even though the move is serious and has long term consequences there is still no reason for the process will cost any more than needs be. In simple, uncontested cases employing an attorney from a large, well known law firm is not necessary; a small law firm can provide legal services every bit as good for less.

Try everything you can to keep the case from going to court; a contested divorce will escalate the legal fees considerably.

The more time the attorney has to spend on your case the more will be the fee, make it as easy as possible to reach an equitable settlement about anything that can end up in front of a judge otherwise. If you can reach agreement together on child support and the division of marital assets then there is very little work for the lawyer to do.

When you first approach a divorce lawyer in Glen Ellyn and tell him or her that you want to get a divorce you will be quoted a fee. If you can eliminate some of the work that the lawyer has taken into account in the fee structure you should be able to negotiate a lower fee. If you and your ex can settle all the issues yourselves, the only service that you will really need from your lawyer is the actual filing of the papers. If both you and your ex want to mutually seek a divorce then in the best interests of all; keep it simple.

In many cases going through a divorce can be a very painful experience. To help you make the right choices you will need the advice of a divorce lawyer in Glen Ellyn. You are invited to discuss your situation with Dolci & Weiland, Attorneys at Law.

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