Popular Industrial and Building Uses for Sheet Metal – Is It a Worthwhile Investment?

by | Jul 19, 2014 | Business

Metal fabrication companies around the world provide an array of services to industrial customers, and if you are a property or business owner, you may consider using sheet metal. Thin and pliable, this durable material has multiple uses. Many different types of metal can be formed to make sheet metal, including copper, brass, aluminium and titanium. Each piece of metal is given a gauge number, which determines its thickness. Depending on its gauge number, sheet metal can be used with many applications in a range of industries, including electric machines, transformers and medical tables.

Building Material

Most building materials are metal, because metal is long-lasting, flexible and strong. Often weather-resistant, it can be used to craft rain gutters, make roofing material, and prepare flashing for roofs. Although it is slightly more expensive than other roofing materials, it goes on much quicker and will stand the test of time. Many homeowners choose it as a preferred type of building material, because it can be applied with screws. It is also a good thermal insulator, which prevents heat from escaping through the top of the building.

Automotive Industry

Perhaps one of the most well-known uses for sheet metal is to build vehicles. Trucks, lorries and cars are usually made with aluminium mesh panels, galvanised steel panels, corrugated aluminium panels, perforated steel panels and various other kinds of thin metal. It is chosen widely in the automotive industry because it is ideal for precision work and can be finished exquisitely. Also, it can be cut to size and spray painted. Sheet metal is commonly used for car parts, too, such as the door panels and pressed components.


The fuselages and wings on large and small planes are usually covered with sheet metal. Resistant to corrosion and erosion, the metal can be repaired easily in the event of damage, and can be fitted with a number of installation techniques. Damage evaluation is a key factor when fitting this metal on aeroplanes, and this is done with a visual inspection. Dents and holes can be repaired swiftly, and the process will depend on the type of metal and thickness. Sometimes, if the damage is within allowable limitations, it may not need to be replaced or repaired at all.

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