Why do Pheromones for Men Bottled with the Gilroy Ingredient Work?

Science knows women are attracted to men for more than looks, money or a good personality. Research has shown chemicals men secrete to be the very thing that trigger love at first sight and keep a woman coming back. The fact is a man or woman finds the other irresistible because of the scent and strength of their pheromones. The lack of this natural potion attracts no interest. Pheromones are a natural chemical the Gilroy makers have bottled for those in need.

Pheromones are present in both humans and animals. When released, a sudden reproductive behavior sets off an intense courtship ritual. Animals begin to couple with others they were unaware of or had no tolerance for until under the spell of nature’s intoxicating scent. The surge of the alluring aroma renders the animal kingdom powerless. The science behind this cycle has proven the secretion of pheromones to stimulate such behaviors like clockwork. This is true in humans as well. Studies of men and women exposed to such chemicals exhibit readiness, fertility and a deep emotional connection. When pheromones are present, it is as if by magic one is attracted to the other, excited and passionate about their desires. Modern day technology has made it possible for us to harness this seductive power.

Pheromones work through the olfactory sensors. A person inhaling them on a regular basis can optimize this. The science behind the primal reaction in the animal kingdoms is scaled down for human beings and formulated for colognes, perfumes and products with the intention of attracting the opposite sex. The intensely concentrated pheromones used for optimal arousal, passion and desire require a very small amount dabbed to the nape of the neck, just behind the ear. This product has the same memorizing effects of nature working for both men and women.

The products available at the Gilroy online store exceed cologne and perfumes including; slow release oils and diffusion systems, candles for the home, bath and body sprays, and lotions and hair products. These products have the highest level of Androsterone in any products on the market. In addition, Androstenol combines with Androsterone for a unique slow release formula. This true instinct line is exclusive to men for intensely attracting women.

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