Why People Buy Parts from an Auto Salvage in Orlando, FL

Even though there are many places to get new auto parts, they are often too expensive. Buying used parts, on the other hand, allows you to get items that would otherwise either be unaffordable or simply cost more than they’re actually worth. Used parts typically come from a company like Auto Parts Pros, which is an auto salvage in Orlando FL. Here are some of the major reasons people go to an auto salvage company, or what was once known as a junkyard, to obtain parts:


This is the factor that leads many people to first discover the fact that not everything in a junkyard is actually junk. In fact, many of the parts on the old cars in their inventory work just fine and will continue to do so for years. Since the parts are used, they are sold for substantially lower prices than their new counterparts. If you have a car that needs a part that’s so expensive that you’re considering scrapping the entire vehicle, check a salvage yard first. You can almost surely get the items you need at a mere fraction of the expected price.

Cheap parts aren’t just good for fixing major problems. Sometimes, you might need one that’s so minor that you just can’t see spending much for it. A broken hood hinge on a basic car, for example, is just a metal bracket with nothing fancy about it. A dealer might still want $100 for the thing. Try a salvage yard and $25 instead.


Those who drive old cars will eventually reach the point where it’s hard or even impossible to get new OEM parts for that make and model anymore. Car makers keep producing parts for about 12 years, after which they update their lines for more-current parts needs. If you’re driving a 14-year-old car and don’t want to get rid of it, that leaves an auto salvage in Orlando FLor elsewhere as the only reliable source of replacement OEM parts – and sometimes, as the only source of replacement parts of any kind! When this happens, don’t give up and sell your baby. Order parts from the salvage yard and see if you can keep the car on the road for another 15 years.

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