Park Model Custom Cabins in Houston TX Help Make Dreams Come True

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Park Models

Many people dream of one day owning a brand new rustic log cabin or lovely frame-built cottage but are never able to make this happen for one reason or another. They have another fine option with the ability to buy one of the Custom Cabins in Houston TX that are categorized as park models. These technically are recreational vehicles because they are the right size and can be towed like a trailer. However, most owners have these buildings delivered to a site for a permanent vacation or retirement home. They can be placed at a park or resort that accepts these structures, and also typically can be installed on rural acreage or lots without issues from zoning. There, the park model can function as a starter home for an individual or couple.

These Custom Cabins in Houston TX must be less than 400 square feet according to regulations. That makes them about the size of a small cabin or apartment. They usually come with one bedroom, although some two-bedroom models are available. Two bedrooms provide more privacy but cut into the general living space. However, porches and decks can be added to effectively extend the living space outdoors during nice weather.

When someone considers what a park model is like and has not yet seen floor plans or photos, it’s helpful to think of a large travel trailer or fifth-wheel RV. The RV may have a bedroom or it may be set up as an efficiency. It usually has a small bathroom that includes a shower or a bathtub with a hand-held shower apparatus. Many people decide to live in these vehicles after they retire, at least for a few years while they travel the country or spend time doing volunteer work in various state parks and forests.

When this person is ready to look at some pictures and see a variety of floor plans, he or she may check out a manufacturer like Platinum Park Homes online. There is a great deal of information to be found at A brand new log cabin or frame-built cottage may not be possible, at least not yet, but the custom cabin park models can be a welcome and affordable alternative.

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