When You Need Windshield Repair in Minneapolis, Act Quickly

Every driver has heard that ‘crack’ noise when a pebble hits the windshield of the car. There is now a small pit where the stone hit. What could happen if the windshield is not repaired or replaced? Temperature extremes can turn that little defect into a long crack, and if there is one thing Minnesota has in quantity, it is temperature extremes. When the car heater is blasting hot air onto very cold glass, that is a temperature extreme. So is the air conditioner throwing up cold air when it’s 98 degrees outside.

The first windshields in early automobiles were manufactured from a single layer of window glass. They shattered easily, causing serious injuries. A type of hardened glass was tried next, but a small airborne rock could penetrate and shatter the windshield. In 1919, Henry Ford experimented with laminated glass. This windshield consisted of two layers of glass ‘sandwiching’ an inner cellulose layer. Modern laminated glass windshields have a layer of plastic in the middle. The purpose of the lamination is to hold the cracked windshield in one piece instead of exploding glass shards into the driver and passenger in the front seat.

Windshield cracks grow. The crack can be 1″ today and tomorrow be 2″. Many people have observed a crack expanding as they were driving. A small crack may remain the same for some time and suddenly triple in size overnight. Windshields are considered to be part of the safety system in the car, like a seat belt. A cracked windshield is not safe. This is why most auto insurance policies cover windshield repair or replacement either in part or completely. Even if someone has no insurance, an early repair costing less than $100 is considerably cheaper than a complete windshield replacement costing several hundred dollars.

North Metro Glass does expert Windshield Repair in Minneapolis. Their professional technicians have over 60 years of combined experience. When a windshield needs to be replaced, they install only factory oem glass. They offer same day service and deal with all insurance companies. Boat and rv windowshields can also be repaired or replaced. The company also replaces house windows or mirrors. In fact, if it’s glass, they can help you.

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