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by | Dec 12, 2013 | Legal Services

Court reporters often use stenotype machines to record dialogue exchanges in courtrooms, board rooms, public events, and other types of assemblies. Real-time stenographers are highly demanded due to their ability to produce full transcripts by the end of a trial or meeting. As well as being overall more satisfying to the client, real-time legal transcription services are also more affordable. Traditional stenotype drafts are virtually unreadable unless you’re an experienced court reporter, and fully-translated, corrected transcripts can take time to format. Software that allows reporters to transcribe in real-time removes the wait, and gives transcriptionists and clients alike more options.

Instant Text
Both tradition and real-time stenographers record in shorthand rather than English, which makes recording more efficient as worrying about using multiple keystrokes isn’t necessary. Standard stenotype software translates the shorthand, and later produces a readable, English version of the original draft. However, real-time stenographic reporters operate more efficiently by using software that immediately translates shorthand into full and legible texts. Because a judge or attorney’s laptop or desktop is usually connected to the reporter’s, they’re able to immediately receive the stream of translated text. This allows notes and corrections to be made easily, which minimizes the room for error and improves the quality and reliability of the final draft.

Quick and Cost Effective
In many cases, real-time legal transcription services removes the need for a final draft altogether. When the event is completed, generally so is the transcript. Therefore, in addition to being less time-consuming, real-time transcription is a more cost effective method for clients. Because first drafts are translated from shorthand into English, clients may not feel the need to purchase a finalized version. Instead, attorneys, for example, can quickly begin reviewing the material and searching for new ways to strengthen their case. Having access to a record of questions that were asked and the answers that were given allows attorneys to approach a case from multiple angles.

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