Need a Book Bindery?

If you live or work in the Chicago area and need a book bindery, Chicago providers are available to meet your needs. Here are some options to consider before you seek a specific company.

Binding Services
A book bindery in Chicago can provide a wide range of services including:
* Collating/gathering
* Punching for mechanical binding
* Trimming both flat-bed and 3-knife
* Book Binding, including plastic spiral binding, wire spiral binding, wire-o binding, and GBC comb binding
* Shrink-wrapping
* Folding
* Kit assembly
* Drilling
* Hand work
* Calendar Tinning
* Paper banding
* Binding via a Bielomatik machine

The Bielomatik
The Bielomatik is a fully automated binding machine for spiral wire and plastic binding and operates at speeds ~5 times faster than conventional book binding machines. Faster speeds translate to lower labor costs and allows for more customized color options. This means that, in many cases, completing binding on the Bielomatik can be as or more cost-effective than other book bindery operations, even including shipping costs to your locale.

Finishing Services
Tinning is binding by crimping a metal strip along edges of sheets. Tinning is an affordable way to mount and hang posters and calendars. The metal tins are available with hanging eyelets or a string attached to the tin. They are great finishing options for wall calendars & large charts, posters, etc. You can generally tin up to 14 sheets and up to 1/16” thickness, with hangers. Other advantages of tinning are that the edges lay flat against the wall and the final product can be rolled and wrapped as a self-mailer.

Consider All the Services & Features You Need
You will want to work with a book bindery in Chicago that can offer many different options, can provide quotes for various features and can ultimately deliver the best outcome for your bookbinding project. You will also want to identify a book bindery that has the latest machinery and equipment to produce the highest-quality materials with speed, efficiency and reasonable costs. If it is a large project, you will also want to consider the printing space of the book bindery so that adequate space can be devoted to your project.

Binding Edge, Inc. is advantageously located in Wisconsin, serving Chicago and the greater Chicago area. Binding Edge, Inc. is pleased to produce exceptional materials, to provide meaningful employment and to give back to the community. We want to serve you. Contact us today at

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