Must-Haves to Protect Your Family and Important Documents from Fire Damage

Images of people fleeing their homes at a moment’s notice are heartbreaking under any circumstance. Particularly upsetting is when they look back and see their homes reduced to ashes. While they are grateful that their family’s lives were spared, they realize that other precious possessions are gone.

Fires frequently occur across the United States costing billions of dollars in property damage. Most Americans agree that they should prepare before a disaster occurs. However, not all take the necessary steps to do so. A great way to avoid losses of important documents and property is to invest in a fire resistant safe.

Things to Keep in a Safe

Many things in the home are irreplaceable after a fire. At the very least, trying to get new documents takes time and effort that is not easy for everyone. Here are a few suggestions of items to consider keeping in a fire resistant safe.

Up-to-date insurance policies – Homeowner’s insurance is probably top of mind after a house suffers fire damage. Keeping this and other insurance policies in the safe ensure this information is readily available.
Original birth certificates – The state vital records office can provide copies of birth certificates. However, replacing them can be a hassle if it becomes necessary to immediately establish identity.
Important legal documents – Wills, healthcare proxies, powers of attorney, etc. should never be left in an unsafe place.

Basic Precautions for Household Safety

There are basic precautions to prevent fire in parts of the home. The kitchen, fireplace and grill present clear fire hazards so it is best to keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

Smoke detectors should be on every level of the home. Regularly testing the batteries ensures they work if a fire breaks out.

Think Safety First

Safety is the top priority for First Alert to keeping you and your family safe and sound. Visit our website to learn more about how our fire resistant safe and other products can protect you and your family.

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