A Multitude of Uses for Tough Rubber Doors

If you have a door that gets heavy traffic, chances are it has seen a fair share of damage. One great way to prevent that damage is with a heavy duty, tough rubber door.

Rubber Doors in Garages
A garage is a perfect place for tough rubber doors. The doors are constantly opening and closing, and vehicles are constantly being driven in and out. Some of those vehicles might have steering or brake problems, making it even harder for them to avoid hitting the door. The light weight of the rubber door makes it less likely to experience problems from constant opening and closing, while the resilient rubber material will not dent and resists scratching. The lightweight door will also open more quickly than a heavy steel door, so there won’t be a long wait when cars need to get in.

Rubber Doors in Warehouses and Loading Docks
Whenever you are moving material in and out of a door, particularly using forklifts, dollies and carts, there is an increased chance of hitting a door. If that door is made of rubber, there will be minimal damage (if any) to both the door and the load. If a warehouse requires temperature control, the natural insulation of a thick rubber door will certainly work. In fact, some heavy duty rubber doors are rated to withstand temperatures between –40 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Since rubber is relatively inexpensive as a building material, doors made from rubber can save a lot of money in a warehouse where several dock doors are needed.

Other Applications for Rubber Doors
Manufacturing enterprises can benefit from using tough rubber doors because of the heavy equipment being used in factories. It’s easier to wheel the equipment in and out through a rubber door because there’s not as much hardware required to operate the door, allowing more of the opening area to be used. Also, if a door does gets bumped or brushed when equipment is moved, it’s less likely to be damaged if it’s made from rubber. For similar reasons, mining operations make good use of rubber doors, allowing heavy mining equipment to move safely in and out.

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