Limitless Design Through Custom Aluminum Extrusions

by | Jul 23, 2014 | Business

Have you ever looked up at a majestic high rise and wondered what it was made of? Have you ever stopped to think about what kind of metals make up your refrigerator or television? Or perhaps you have considered how your airplane is able to safely land on the other side of the world in a matter of hours? The average citizen likely takes such observations for granted, but designers actively consider such matters and even spend countless hours considering the potential of various materials. Safety, beauty, quality, and efficiency are just a few of the issues that designers discuss on an everyday basis. There are so many advantages of aluminum extruded products.

Use the Metal in the Most Effective Way

One of the biggest challenges for designers is the most effective use of metal. There is metal in almost every type of appliance, building structure, and machine, and in most of the products we use on an everyday basis. Aluminum is often alloyed with other metals to form unique designs that could not be as easily achieved by other means. In fact, offers a unique technique that has revolutionized the field of design. It offers a low-cost method of designing shapes and structures that defy the norm. Machines are used to heat and mold custom aluminum extrusions into the most unconventional, yet efficient shapes. Small, riveted hollow pieces may be used to assemble an aircraft, while large, sturdy pieces may be used to build a bridge.

Other Features of Aluminum Extrusion

Other features of aluminum extrusion have contributed to its value in the world of design. For example, several rolled shapes can be riveted together and replaced by a single extruded profile, resulting in a higher-strength product while eliminating joining costs. Secondly, the extrusion process enables metal to be placed exactly where needed, greatly reducing the weight of the product. Thirdly, costs can be significantly lowered by eliminating welded assembles. Lastly, improved stiffness and strength, combined with limitless design possibilities, makes aluminum extrusion invaluable.

Technology is Constantly Evolving

As modern design, construction, and technology continue to evolve and test the limits of physical capability, aluminum extrusion will continue to rise to the challenge. It is important to seek suppliers that are uniquely prepared to provide custom aluminum extrusion for a wide variety of uses. These suppliers should utilize the latest technology and equipment to ensure the highest quality of service. They should demonstrate not merely an adaptation to our world’s evolving design, but rather an active voice in recognizing future design needs.

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