Let Mobile Command Trailers Place You At The Scene

When something is happening, there is usually a need for someone to manage events. It can be something basically harmless like a sporting event, a pop festival or any gathering of people. Unfortunately it might also be some form of accident or catastrophe. Either way, handing the people and providing required services that will make the event a success (or successfully deal with the emergency) requires management.

Command From The Front

Given the far reaching state of today’s communications, it could be possible to manage events and catastrophes remotely at long distance but, would the managers really have the right feel for the subject in hand? On the spot, hands on management should be able to better communicate with others at the scene and better judge what is happening there.

Unless this event happens in the same place at regular intervals, the managers and their teams will need to transport themselves and all their equipment to the place where it is currently happening. One way to achieve this is to have Mobile Command Trailers on permanent standby and ready to be hauled to any site within the manager’s area of responsibility.

Big Enough To Get The Job Done

Mobile Command Trailers can be as big or as small as required to perform their specific command function. There will be one person in command but, how many people will make up the command team? What sort of space will each team member require and what type of equipment will be needed for each team member to perform their individual functions? The answers to these questions will vary with the kind of response that is to be carried out once the mobile command trailer is on scene, setup and operational.

You do not purchase Mobile Command Trailers off the shelf; they need to be highly customized to cope with your specific operating criteria. If you need to position one man in one place and his function is more towards observe and report, then his command center could be a small trailer that he could tow by himself to his appointed site.

However, if you have to set up a response team capable of managing major catastrophes you are going to need a lot of space within your command center. Mobile command trailers for this type of use are going to be based on the sort of trailer you see being hauled as part of an 18 wheeler rig. Obviously, you are going to have to include the cost of the tractor in your budget plus, probably hire someone qualified to drive it.

The Mobile Command Trailers produced by Mobile Specialty Vehicles, Inc. can be customized to suit all your requirements. They will design the interiors to ensure that everything you need can be fitted in and still allow your command team the space to perform their duties.


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