Land Surveying in Gulfport, MS Determines the Location and Ownership of Property

Every development project uses land. Cities and counties usually require that the boundary of the property be accurately located and mapped. The developer then has to prove that he is the owner of record. Land surveying in Gulfport MS is the way to do this. The land surveyor is trained to place the location of the parcel on a map. Local regulations may also require him to place concrete markers along the boundary on the ground. This allows anyone to compare his findings to those on their own deeds. The land surveyor is also the professional that goes to the registry of deeds and traces the ownership of a parcel of land.

Developers who want to create clustered developments that protect natural features may have to create detailed plans showing important features such as streams and ponds, endangered wildlife habitat, and historic sites. They then have to craft a plan that preserves these features. Local regulations often require professional land surveyors prepare these plans. Developers can turn to Oneal-Bond Engineering to perform these complex tasks. Once the plan is approved, local regulators often require that land surveyors confirm that the site is being developed in conformance with the plan. They must certify the location of all structures and show they are honoring the required setbacks from the natural areas to be protected.

Developments require many different kinds of underground utilities. Depending upon the availability of public utilities, these can include privately owned septic systems with pipes and leaching fields, private wells, water pipes, gas pipes, or sewer lines. Many developments also require that electric wires be buried in the ground. Land surveying in Gulfport MS is the responsible party that will map all of these utilities that need to be protected during any additional improvements.

Land surveyors work with local permitting agencies on a regular basis. That’s why it’s always a good idea to work with a local surveyor who has a lot of experience dealing with the local review boards and inspectors. He will know what types of issues they are most concerned with and make sure that his plans contain that information. He will also know how make presentations at public hearings where the public is in attendance.

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