How the Japanese “Shaken” Benefits U.S. Drivers

In Japan the Shaken law dictates the required condition and registration of motor vehicles. The shaken law leads to most Japanese car owners replacing their cars after just a few short years, which means the parts in their vehicles are in perfect working order with very little issues. This actually works out well for North Americans who can benefit from the Honda JDM Engines available for sale. Here is an overview of how the shaken law benefits us.

Japanese Domestic Models
Commonly referred to as JDM engines, these engines are used engines be it Honda JDM engines, Toyota or other Japanese brands. Due to the shaken law in Japan, the average JDM Engine has about 4,500 miles on it making it a very good value when compared to the cost of a new engine. In Japan, most people use public transit to get to and from work which accounts for the lower mileage on their engines. As well it is very costly to register a car in Japan, which must be done annually at a cost of about $1,200 US. This makes purchasing a JDM engine a very desirable choice for many car owners.

Testing for Shaken Law
In general cars require a shaken test every year. The thorough testing of the shaken law involves many steps including:

1. Interior inspections
2. Wheel alignment
3. Speedometer inspections
4. Headlight inspections
5. Brake inspections
6. Muffler check for both noise and emissions
7. Undercarriage including suspension

The Cost of Repairs
Once all is said and done it is far less common for Japanese car owners to invest in repairs and replacement parts for their cars. In North America we tend to care for our cars and undergo repairs and parts replacement as opposed to buying a new car. In Japan however it is felt that due to the shaken law it is more affordable to replace the entire car. Considering one could end up paying as much as $6,000 US in just five years to register and test a car it does not seem quite as odd to envision why buying a new car makes more sense for vehicle owners in Japan.

The shaken law is a huge benefit to North American car owners who can buy used Honda JDM engines as well as other parts in good repair for low cost.

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