Is it Islip or is it isn’t Islip

West Islip is a small hamlet in Suffolk County, NY. The tiny population of just over twenty-eight thousands live in a small community that was historically settled over a thousand years ago—longer than the history of the county and the country itself. The Dutch had some kind of influence on the area during the sixteen hundreds but during 1664—with permission from King Charles II—the Duke of York took command of the whole of Long Island.
Thomas and William Willetts bought the land in 1692 via their agreement with Secatogue Indians of the area, meaning they also owned the West Islip area. The question of how Islip is pronounced arises from its similarity to the word ‘island’, which, as we know, is pronounced ‘eye-land’. Islip is pronounced ‘ice-lip’ and the ‘S’ is a hard ‘S’, meaning that is actively pronounced in the word, in the same way as ‘slip’.

Growth of Businesses and Services

Between 1940 and 1970 West Islip actually experienced its largest population growth spurt. Initially beginning life as a suburban community it kind of expanded into a region in its own right, with its own post office, fire station, hospital and library. This also attracted other businesses and services to the area, including restaurants.

As a community West Islip has four schools—two public and two private—and one library. There is also a thriving shopping community with all grocery and retail facilities available, as well as a whole list of regular required services. You will find mechanics in West Islip, as well as ophthalmologists, a hospital in West Islip and an orthodontist in West Islip, as well as other dentists, lawyers, doctors and many other services.

West Islip is also a CDP—and Census Designated Place—making one of the many thousands of hamlets, villages, towns and cities in the country that the populous is based on. There are also a host of popular areas and recreation areas that people visit during the summer, both from the county and locale, as well as from around the country. West Islip sits on the southern ‘coast’ of Long Island, more or less centrally and is reachable by various routes from the island as well as from the mainland.

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