Increase Party Fun with Unique Floating Water Toys

Do you want to host a fun pool party and need some ideas to make it different from all of the other summer pool parties? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or saying goodbye to the final days of summer, you can take your party up a notch by providing your party guests with awesome pool floats. Kids’ parties go from normal to excellent when there’s a large, round, colorful pool float in the middle of the pool that can fit most of the kids at one time. Buying floating water toys is never a bad investment, and if you take good care of your inflatables, you’ll have them for years.

Large Island Floats

Island floats are those large floats that have a wide surface area. It can fit a handful of people, and there are always those parties where everyone will try to stuff onto the float at the same time. These floats are also popular because people try to stand on it and surf, which can lead to some great spur of the moment contests. If you want a raft that will impress guests, especially kids, then a water mat or island is a good choice.

Floating Island Tables

For adult parties, island tables are the perfect way to enjoy snacks and drinks in the pool. These floating tables have a center area with a cooler, where you can store a variety of drinks and snacks. The floating seats are stable and allow for easy mounting and dismounting without tipping the table. If you’re having a low key party for a few friends, than island tables are the perfect floating water toys.

Floating Rockers and Loungers

A party that consists of all ages is the perfect place for floating water toys that everyone can enjoy. Floating rockers and loungers are not only fun but practical, too. The loungers are perfect for relaxing, and many come with a cup holder so you can enjoy a drink. Rockers are fun and can be used to play a variety of games, and children usually have no trouble turning relaxing loungers into pool forts or something more adventurous. While you may think that swimming is enough for your pool party, just imagine how you can elevate your party to the next level with the right floats and toys.

Floating water toys are fun and can be used to play a variety of games. Contact WOW World of Watersports to buy creative and enjoyable floating water toys.

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