In-laws and your Relationship

You’ve seen it in dozens of movies and sitcoms: the overbearing personality of an interfering mother-in-law slowly chipping away at a happy marriage. In-laws can prove to be a blessing to some marriages and a curse to others. The Marriage Counseling Norman OK couples seek can help you come up with strategies to help you cope with interfering in-laws who threaten to ruin your marriage.

Pre-Marriage Counseling

If you know you are facing potential in-law issues it is not a bad idea to address them even before the marriage. The reason for this is to allow you to see the issues one side or the other (or both!) are causing for you as a couple. Issues are usually apparent pretty early on in the relationship which means you have plenty of warning the issues will continue. Sometimes things start out rocky but as parents get to know you they ease up and embrace you and welcome the marriage. In other cases things might worsen and even intensify once they see marriage is imminent. Counseling prior to marriage will help you build a strong bond as well as come up with an agreement on how you will handle in-law issues.

Specific Issues

You may have been going along fine and suddenly something specific occurs that puts a rift in your relationship with your in-laws. These issues are too many to list, but can be anything from conflicts over where to spend the holidays to financial challenges if you have borrowed money from them. When these issues begin to cause stress in your relationship it is important for you as a couple be certain you are able to come to an agreement on how you will handle the issue and stay united in your efforts to resolve the problem. Marriage counseling Norman OK couples seek can help you do so.


Once children arrive further conflict can arise based on the way your in-laws act around your children. From offering children too much candy to allowing them to behave badly or even dangerously you have the right to lay down the law on what you find acceptable. This can lead to conflict and marriage counseling can help you find a happier way to resolve parenting issues.

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