The Importance of Dental Crowns After a Root Canal

There are few things in the world people dread more than a root canal. It sounds worse than it is, if you’ve never had one. But the idea of a root canal is daunting to many. But regardless of how nervous you are about it, it can be a very important dental procedure that can save a tooth from having to be extracted. After your root canal, your dentist will recommend dental crowns. Although this is optional and not covered 100% by most dental insurance plans, dental crowns are very important.

Why are Crowns Important?

A root canal removes a large amount of your tooth and the remaining shell can be more susceptible to breakage than ever. The human jaw continually exerts a significant amount of pressure on your teeth with talking, chewing, and so on. By having a dental crown, you can protect the tooth from that pressure.

About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are custom made covers for your teeth. They are made to match your mouth, customized for your specific teeth. Your dentist will put the crown over the tooth. Most dentists use porcelain crowns, although other material may be used.

Dental Crown Costs

Dental crown costs may vary and often range from $500 and up. Many dental insurance plans cover 50% of this fee (check your plan and with your local dentist for more information). If you’re looking for dental crowns, Stamford dentist may charge a different amount than dentists in other areas so look locally to determine an exact price.

What Else are Crowns Used for?

When it comes to dental crowns, Stamford CT dental offices like ours also uses them as a part of dental implants as well as to cover teeth with severe discoloration, cracks, or other structural problems. If you want to know whether or not you are a good candidate for a dental crown a dental office will typically provide a consultation and provide a quote so that you can ascertain what your out of pocket expenses will be. Some dental offices provide dental financing in the event you haven’t got 100% coverage for dental crowns or if you haven’t got dental coverage at all.

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