The Importance Of Aluminum recycling in Millville

Aluminum is commonly used for producing soft drink and beer cans in different parts of the globe. It may surprise you to learn that the majority of the new soft drink and beer cans which are found in stores are produced from recycled aluminum. This is partly because metal recycling, particularly aluminum and copper recycling, has boomed significantly in recent times, as it provides substantial economic and environmental advantages. Also, many industries are concentrating mainly on aluminum recycling in Millville because it is a highly effective method of preserving this extremely valuable natural resource. One thing you should understand is that if metals, particularly aluminum, are not recycled, it will have adverse consequences for the environment.

Each year, the United States alone produces and sells approximately one hundred billion cans produced from aluminum. If virgin aluminum ore is used to produce these cans, it will result in severe environmental damage. It has been shown that when old soft drink or beer cans are recycled to produce new ones, the production process releases 95% less green house gases, as opposed to using virgin aluminum ore to produce the cans. Additionally, large quantities of aluminum ore is required to produce new aluminum cans. Before smelting, the aluminum ore (also called bauxite) is first squashed and washed properly. It is then refined into alumina. The whole procedure produces approximately 5 tons of caustic mud. Now, this can pollute surface and ground water causing serious harm to the environment.

Aluminum recycling services saves considerable quantity of energy. When aluminum is recycled, it saves approximately 90% of energy which is needed to produce the metal from its ore. When one pound of aluminum (which is approximately thirty three cans) are reprocessed, it saves approximately seven 7 KW hours of electrical energy. The energy which is used to produce one new beer can from fresh aluminum ore can effectively be used to produce approximately twenty beer cans when old beer cans are recycled. Also, apart from being recyclable, aluminum can be reprocessed many times over. Thus, you can appreciate why scrap metal reprocessing companies are gaining a lot of popularity in Millville.

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