Ideas For Selecting Lanyards For ID Display

In virtually all workplaces, businesses, organizations and industry it is important to have a way to immediately identify employees, visitors and those that are authorized to be in a particular area. For those planning conferences, trade shows, concerts and events it is also imperative to be able to quickly spot who is allowed to be in certain areas and who should not be. Lanyards for ID display are a great way to keep ID visible at all times, cutting down on time spent stopping and asking for identification or having to guess is someone should or shouldn’t be there.

Eye Catching Colors

Eye catching colors for lanyards are a simple way to help everyone remember to keep their ID around their necks at all times. Bright yellow, orange, green, red, hot pink, violet and royal blue and gold are all ideal colors to stand out. If you add to that branding in a dark color that will contrast with the background color you really have a way to clearly see if the person has their ID with them.

Company or Event Recognition

Consider having the lanyard for ID for a company or business or to a specific event printing with your company name or the event name. This not only makes it stand out but it helps to boost brand awareness and recognition. It also, if your staff is dealing with customers, is another subtle reminder of your brand or your company name or logo.


While lanyards are not costly, you want to ensure they have the maximum durability and life. If they are strong and durable they are more likely to be seen as a practical way to keep ID on display. Employees will wear items that are well constructed and designed, but they are less likely to wear things that break, lose their ID or simply get in the way.

Nylon and polyester are ideal materials for lanyards for ID display. They can take getting wet, can be easily washed and cleaned and are easy to keep and maintain all while standing up to daily wear and tear on any type of job.


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