How to Make Your Garage a Safe Rainy Day Retreat for Your Kids

There’s nothing more disappointing for your kids than to be ready to spend a day outside only to discover the weather isn’t cooperating. In times like these, your garage can offer a unique retreat that provides plenty of space to play and protection from the elements. However, if you’re going to allow your kids to play in your garage, it’s essential to ensure your garage is ready for your kids. Here are a few ways you can help secure your garage so that your kids can enjoy hours of safe fun.

Secure Toxic Chemicals

If you’re like most people, you have more than a few toxic chemicals lurking around your garage. Whether it’s gasoline for the lawnmower or coolant for your car, there are plenty of chemicals that are very dangerous for your kids to have access to. That’s why, before your kids begin playing; it’s vital that you secure these chemicals out of reach of your children. In addition to being out of reach, the chemicals should preferably be in a locked cabinet, as this provides the highest level of security in case you have any climbers in your family.

Unplug Power Tools

If your garage doubles as a workshop, you may keep your power tools plugged in, so they’re always ready to use. However, if your kids are going to be using the space, it’s important to unplug all these tools before the commencement of play. Even if your kids don’t purposely set out to play with your power tools, an accidental bump could activate a saw or a drill, potentially leading to serious injury.

Secure Ladders

Another common item stored in garages is laddered. Ladders are easy enough to pull out and use to climb to dangerous heights, even up to the rollers of your garage door. If kids start playing with these items, it could result in serious injury for them or the need for garage door service in Vero Beach, FL, for you. By keeping ladders securely stored, you help ensure none of that ever occurs. If you do find yourself in need of garage door service in Vero Beach, FL, contact the garage door experts of Paradise Garage Door Service for more information.

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