How Does The Water Stay Inside A Walk In Tub For Philadelphia?

This was the first thing that came to mind when a friend suggested that I fit out the bathroom in my Philadelphia house with a Walk In Tub For Philadelphia. The second thing was; if it’s trendy; will it cost me an arm and a leg?

So; What Is A Walk In Tub?

Is it a bathtub with no sides; or could it be a hot tub of some sort? It turns out that, what my friend was talking about; isn’t really any sort of new tub at all and, I suspect, he may have been making some sort of partially hidden comment about my advancing age. To him; this Walk In Tub In Philadelphia is nothing more than converting your existing bath tub into a shower cubicle of sorts.

A New Look At An Old Shower Concept

I am sure that everyone is familiar with the idea of having a shower head attached to the wall at one end of your bath tub (usually the deep end). You climb up and over the side of your tub; but you do not fill the tub with bath water and you do not sit down. Instead, you remain standing and adjust the faucets so that water comes out of the shower rose above your head. You have not inserted a plug in the drain; so you get wet all over and the water simply disappears down the plug hole. Surplus water and splash, etc is kept inside the tub by use of curtains or some sort of sliding door arrangement. Great idea and not too expensive to install (at least, it did not cost me much 20 years ago when I put one in my bathroom).

Inherent dangers

20 years ago; I could hop in and out of the bath tub – no problem; and I felt secure (even standing on one leg) on the smooth (read slippery) bottom of the tub. I am not so sure that I can say that today! In fact, it does worry me to the extent that I tend to take less showers these days; preferring to climb gingerly in and sit and soak instead.

Moreover, this Walk In Tub In Philadelphia idea does not cost too much. It seems that they cut an entrance in the side of your existing tub so that you can literally walk in. I understand there is some sort of door to stop water getting out while you are inside enjoying a safer shower.

To find out more about the Walk In Tub For Philadelphia, contact One Day Bath, Inc. Call them on and ask how to convert your old bath tub into a safe shower with their tub cut concept.

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