How Does the Dentist in Spring Care for Your Cavity?

Cavities can quickly wreak havoc in your teeth, causing permanent damage and pain. When cavities strike, it is imperative to seek dental treatment as soon as possible. The longer you wait to seek treatment, the better the chances of you losing your tooth will be. As soon as you notice the signs you may have a cavity, seeing your dentist should be your top priority. This will allow the Dentist In Spring to be able to treat your tooth and prevent further damage from occurring.

How are Cavities Treated by Your Dentist In Spring?

The first step in having your cavity treated will be to have anesthetic administered. This allows for dental work to be carried out on your teeth, without you feeling the pain of the tools being used to remove the decayed portions of your tooth. The dentist will first begin removing the decayed area of your tooth. This is the most important step in the process. If decay is left behind, it could begin to spread in the tooth and could affect other teeth as well. Removing this part of the tooth will end up leaving a hole in the structure. This hole will need to be filled so you do not have nerve pain.

When the dentist begins preparing your filling, there are different materials that can be used. Most dental offices use compound or porcelain fillings because these are white in color and blend in well with your tooth. They they are the most appealing visually, but they do not offer the strongest protection. To ensure your tooth is truly protected, metal fillings are preferable. To fill your tooth, the filling material is pushed inside the hole that was created in your tooth. The dentist In Spring will make sure the filling is smoothed out and will then have you to bite several times on a bite block, to make sure there are no issues with your bite.

This simple procedure can help to save your tooth from further damage. If you are experiencing the signs of a cavity or are in need of dental services, contact Gentle Dental Care and make your appointment today.

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